Gregor Joseph Werner: A thematic catalogue of his works (WerW)


Wolfgang Esser-Skala


2024-05-12 (v0.3.0)


This website contains an evolving thematic catalogue of Gregor Joseph Werner’s works.


This catalogue is work-in-progress and likely contains errors or duplicate entries. Its contents are subject to change as we screen more and more manuscripts.

For general and biographical information on Werner, see Czernin (2020a), Moder (1959), Petermayr (2007), and Unverricht (2001).


We classify Werner’s works as Vocal music (groups A to L) and instrumental music (groups M to Q); moreover, an appendix contains spurious and uncertain attributions (group Z). Groups D, H, and I are further divided into subgroups to provide a more fine-grained classification and to preserve work numbering if further works are discovered. The catalogue does not cite lost works, with the exception of lost oratorios, whose existence has been sufficiently proven. Within each (sub)group, works are ordered by library and siglum; the more important libraries (H-Bn and A-Ed) appear first, followed by other libraries.

Vocal music comprises

  • A. Oratorios
  • B. Masses
  • C. Requiems, Libera
  • D. Short liturgical works
    1. Motets
    2. Offertories
    3. Responsoria
    4. Rorates
    5. Miscellaneous works
  • E. German church arias
  • F. Hymns
  • G. Litanies
  • H. Vespers
    1. Complete vespers
    2. Psalms
  • I. Marian antiphons
    1. Alma redemptoris mater
    2. Ave regina coelorum
    3. Regina coeli
    4. Salve regina
    5. Sub tuum praesidium
  • J. Te Deums
  • K. Lamentations
  • L. Profane cantatas

Instrumental music comprises

  • M. Sonatas
  • N. Pastorellas
  • O. Partitas
  • P. Sinfonias
  • Q. Concertos

Currently, the catalogue contains the following information for each work:

  • title
  • key
  • sources (linked to the respective RISM entry), and
  • one preliminary incipit (i.e., the first incipit of the first source with RISM entry).

For an increasing number of works, detailed metadata in MEI format (Music Encoding Initiative, 2023) is available.

Works in the catalogue should be cited by the abbreviation “WerW”, followed by the group, subgroup (if applicable), and work number; the latter three components should be separated by a period.


We consulted the following sources, of which some contain partial catalogues of Werner’s works:

  • Czernin (2020b) – sources in Austria
  • Dolezal & Diözese Eisenstadt (2018) – database with digitized manuscripts of the Dommusikarchiv Eisenstadt
  • Dopf (1956) – masses
  • Eitner (1904) – sources known around 1900
  • Hárich (1975) – instrumental works
  • Hárich (1976) – oratorios
  • Mikusi (2020) – sonatas
  • Murányi (1997) – works in the National Szechenyi Library Budapest
  • Petermayr (2020) – instrumental works
  • Riedel (1979) – works in the Göttweig Abbey archive
  • Winkler-Klement (2013) – works in the Dommusikarchiv Eisenstadt
  • Winkler-Klement (2020) – masses and oratorios

The work list assembled from these sources (data/catalogue.ods) was checked against and supplemented by RISM entries. To this end, entries were downloaded via sru-downloader on 2023-01-27, yielding 867 entries:

java -jar SRUDownloader.jar ",%20Gregor%20Joseph%22&maximumRecords=100"
grep -v "<zs:" output.xml | \
  grep -v "</zs:" | \
  grep -v "<marc:collection" | \
  grep -v "</marc:collection" | \
  sed '1 a\<marc:collection xmlns:marc="">' | \
  sed '$ a\</marc:collection>' \
  > rism_entries.xml
rm output.xml

In the resulting XML file, all tags in the zs namespace were removed, yielding the XML file data/rism_entries.xml, which only contains MarcXML tags. From this file, searchable HTML tables were created via script/ and make_rism_tables.R and stored in data_generated/rism_tables/.

Pages for each group of works were generated automatically from catalogue.ods (via script/prepare_works.R and utils.R). For each work, one incipit was generated from the Plaine & Easie Code of the first source with a RISM entry. Data from the RISM Catalogue by the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 3.0 Unported License.

Detailed work metadata was edited with MerMEId v2.0. Incipits were prepared with MuseScore and polished with mei-friend. HTML pages were exported from MerMEId and post-processed (sed -i 's/.png/.svg/g' work.html). These pages are rendered using the BravuraText font v1.392 and Verovio.


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